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Exhibit Sales Solution

This solution enables event organizers to upload the exhibition/tradeshow floor plan to see the location of each booth. It gives the ability to plot the booths using specific criteria, including location, type of booth (corner, double) and price. It can also assign a status of ‘hold’ or ‘sold’ to each plotted booth. It’s also built to handle selling event extras, such as sponsorships. Other convenient features include online Exhibit booth sales and booth-mapping applications, and fully integrated, seamless e-commerce using our merchant account or yours.

Session Solutions

This comprehensive, easy to use Session Data Management Solution allows individuals to sign-up for sessions or seminars online. It also enables event organizers to track capacity per-time-slot and sort all the data into detailed lists, to provide a comprehensive report of who has signed up for each session, all in real time. The option of adding unlimited sessions over multiple days is also available. On top of that, tailored registrant agendas/schedules can be provided based on the event organizer’s needs. And the Session Solution can handle complex dependencies and multiple fee structures.

Survey Solutions

Exposoft’s Survey Solutions allows for the collection of pre-event and post-event evaluations. It provides program attendees the opportunity to offer constructive feedback about the conference, event or trip, which will benefit the event organizer when planning future events. This information can be used to evaluate ROI or make improvements to future programs and events. In addition, surveys can be available for both delegates and exhibitors. Paper-based surveys (designed and provided by the client) can be entered by the client or you can contact Exposoft’s Customer Care Service team to provide data entry from the same front-end form.