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Exposoft E-commerce gateway makes it easy for clients who don't want to go through the hassle and cost of setting up their own e-commerce gateways to handle the collection of payments. This module allows customers to use Exposoft's gateway for real time secure credit card processing. Individuals can pay for event fees, travel and hotel accommodations, purchase additional activities, tickets, seminars or anything else that your event might offer. There is no additional administration required from our clients on the accounting side. Exposoft collects the money in trust for you and forwards the money to you monthly with fully automated accounting statements. If there are any reconciliation issues, Exposoft will handle the issue between the company and the authorization gateway.
A Few Key Benefits include:

  • Real-time secure Credit Processing
  • Reconciliation of all charges
  • Issuing and tracking of client payments
  • Canadian and US currencies accepted
  • Reconciliation of any disputed charges